Fck You Paleo Bread

I mean, really? Why did we start this in the first place? I know it has no grains but question… When is a seed not a grain? Turns out, that when it’s a nut! Nuts are fruit. So, and I’m very interested in your sourced knowledge of this, when is a seed paleo? I sat and thought about this for ages before hitting Google and then Wiki, and we have to be careful. The seeds of pumpkins are pepitas, yes? But the seeds and pips are not the same. You can eat the pips of guavas and passion fruit, but munch on the pip of an apricot and you’re in trouble (despite claims that have no grounding in science).

apricot cyanide

I mention all this because of substitution. The need for bread. We don’t. Just don’t. I mean, do what you want but the more we rely on somebody else cashing in the more rubbish in the landfill and not the compost bucket.

I gave in and bought a Nutribullet, though, and it’s bloody amazing! I chuck in kale, celery, golden beetroot, carrot, stuff still in the garden like beetroot tops, parsley, rocquet, and silver beet. Some macadamias, almonds, some avocado, chuck in tomato and, yes, a radish! And my BCAAs, ginger,  raw turmeric root a dash of cayenne and chili.

Or variations of that theme…

Add water to the limit, and POW! BAM! That’s serious soup.

I pour the goop into jars. Usually it’ll make two. I have all the fats I need with the nuts and avo, all the protein unless I’ve had a mega day at the gym when I’ll need eggs or meat.

It takes me all of 5 minutes to pick what I need, grab the stuff from the bench or the fridge, rough chop it and shove it down.

The paleo bread thing? Well, that’s just bread.


An attitude moment that I don’t have to justify. Seems to me the internet is awash with paleo faux-desert/sweet recipe. Fools gold, lovelies. Berries in season, agreed. But… don’t take it from me, go Google paleo bread and grin.

Keep warm if you’re in Melbourne or the countryside, and keep up the Vitamin D with all this cloud.

Off to down a steak.

Bon apetit,

Ly x



Fats and Oils

In the 70s we were sold on margarine. Told it was the healthy alternative to butter. We, poor fools that we were in Australia at the time, were as yet unaware of the cuisine of the Mediterranean, let alone all the cuisines we’ve since come to love from everywhere on this magnificent earth. And margerine’ll kill you. That shit is rubbish.

Then, in the 90s, we were turned onto low fat everything. We weren’t told that the manufacturers replaced the fat with sugar; that otherwise there would be no taste. Secret sugars were added to everything.

The result – or one of the harshest realities of consumerism – obesity. Type 2 diabetes in young children. Fast food generation. We’d gone from the chop with mashed potato and peas or a roast on Sunday to chemical alley and numbers like 621 and don’t get me started on food dyes and palm oil’s catastrophic effects on Orangutan populations (so check the labels!)

Now it’s all coming undone. All the lies. All the pushers of food pollution.

Here’s a list to consider. Research to your heart’s healthy content.


Make up your own mind x