BLAT without bread

It worked! And it filled me! What a thrill. After all, there are just some things one still occasionally regrets.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo.

That’s it really. Forget a recipe. Grill the bacon, wash and stack a pile of mixed lettuce form your garden, add slices of organic tomatoes (cause they’re not in season here in Melbourne yet), slice an avo and add that, a few dollops of organic mayo and top it all with the bacon.

Huzzah! x


Fluffy scrambled eggs with grilled bacon and wilted spinach

This morning was one of those mornings. Weird dreams with guns. Hurry to go get a coffee at Pope Joans before Skype client USA, so I felt like nurturing myself. This brekky is rich but not so over the top as to be classed as decadent.

Bowl for beating eggs, chopping block, big sharp knife, small pot and your ever-lovin’ skillet, strainer, big spoon.

3 eggs but only 2 yolks
home-grown spinach (if possible, otherwise organic)
3 rashers of free-range bacon
small bunch of parsley
olive oil
fresh cracked black pepper

Chop the spinach roughly, place in the small pot with a little purified water, put on to simmer.
Light the grill and pop the bacon under it.
Chop the parsley
Whip the eggs in the bowl and add a slosh of milk along with the parsley.
Olive oil in the skillet and add the eggs.
By now the spinach will be done. Pour into the strainer and use the spoon to squeeze out all the moisture.
When done replace in the pot with a tiny dob of buttter and replace the lid so that it melts.
Check the bacon. If done, turn off the griller.
Keep an eye on those eggs, you don’t want them dry, just soft and slightly moist.

Turn it all onto the plate. Add the pepper.

Bon apetit! x