Gollygosh! No fresh Food?

A quicky. Our bodies, our choices.

I’m preparing, in 2019, to travel around Australia for part of 2020, to areas notorious for white food substitutes, obesity and organ damage from treacherously toxic ‘food’. In search of the growers and farmers of sustainable nourishment. Like Cape York, like the Wimmera. If you have tips I’d love the contacts. I’ll keep you updated on ptogress.


Liver and gall bladder? From before?

Too much fat, can disrupt both the liver and the gall bladder. Add that to a predisposition to lectin intolerance and one has the perfect storm.

Paleo is most definitely the way to go for a healthy gut BUT what if you have gall stones and an impaired liver from all those years beforehand? What if those handfuls of cashews (because you don’t put on eight anymore) are harmful because your liver just can’t hack them.

Go HERE for Dr Brant Larson 17 symptoms of gallbladder disease.

Last night I researched this topic. The outcome, an the diagnosis, is beyond doubt. I don’t need any decadent dude masquerading as a healer, to tell me to take this or that medication.

(disclaimer: You know how this goes, just my opinion and all that. If in doubt seek out A MEDICAL SPECIALIST)

Last night, an hour before bed, I drank a potion of the juice of half a lemon, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a dash of Himalayan pink salt in a glass of tepid water. Everything needs a beginning.

green apple

DAY 1. Today. In preparation for gallbladder cleans in 6 days.


Before I ate, I went into ‘chill’ mode. I drank a deep glass of water, to which I added a scoop of Neutrceuticals Ultrapotent C, Mega Magnesium, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and the other half of the lemon. I’m also taking zinc supplement at the moment for lowered immune system (white spots on my nails) so I took one of them and a multi B.


All I had, non-nut, non-dairy, was a handful of blueberries. Downed them with a coffee. Went shopping.




Chopping block, sharp knife, Nutribullet, clean glass>

1 radish
2 sprigs of garden mint
1 teaspoon organic powdered turmeric
1 cup organic apple juice
1 green apple
1 clove garlic
a mix of raw beetroot tops, kale, silver beet, dandelion greens from the garden, bit or chopped ginger, a sprinkle of flax seeds, a scoop of protein powder
2 florets broccoli
juice of half a lemon

Blended it in the Nutribullet. Totally yummy. Probably the apple as I am unused to sugars.


4 pm this afternoon I downed a can of organic sardines, sloshed in apple cider vinegar and black pepper, and I’m off, now, to acquire malic acid in a crystaline suppliment, instead of apple juice, because I don’t want all that sugar sloshing about when I can avoid it.


Too Much Healthy Fat is Nuts

DARLINGS! I haven’t written for a while because there was nothing of interest to add. Now there is. This is the story of fatty stools and a gallbladder…

gallbladderKnow thine innards!


So! Let’s talk gallbladder and toxic reactions! Let’s discuss FATTY STOOLS!

I’m probably not the usual candidate for gall stones or improperly functioning liver but over the past two months something unusual has been happening. First let me fill you in on what could have switched my stool elimination from seemingly normal, to pale, fatty and rather explosive.

STEATORRHEA and the intuition (which is body-talk for “EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION?”) says it’s the nuts. Oh! By the way. I’ve also taken to snacking on cashews between lunch and dinner…

It is now December, 2018. When did the gut disruption really start? Frog in water, darlings. Not sure. I KNOW it was around the time of the eyebrow debacle. And I’ve been promising myself that I will look into the leaky gut thing as soon as I have time.

Then, yesterday, being otherwise lean and fit, a friend has asked me to be the donor of fecal matter for a transplant for her buddy who needs healthy poo. But that’s not quite true, is it? Or is it that something much more diabolical is afoot?

STEATORRHEA is caused by too much fat, disrupting both the liver and the gall bladder. Darlings! I am now onto it. Preparing to do  cleanse that will remove any and all gall stones, to repair the damage and so be a worthy donor. And also to resolve a dilemma.

Last night I researched this topic. The outcome, an the diagnosis, is beyond doubt. I don’t need any decadent dude masquerading as a healer, to tell me to take this or that medication.


Check into lectins: it’s worth experimenting with stopping all of them. I did that for a week and internals reverted to healthy. Explore this: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/319593.php

The author does write: “Research has shown that consuming whole grains can help reduce the risk for heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.” but… I would rather not take that research on face value as, from my own research the FDA is suss.

I’ve got a bunch of smoothies I’m experimenting with. I’ll get back to you on this.


The Magic Pill

Pete Evans has again copped a shitload of flack from the medical industry. This time for his latest doco Magic Pill on Netflix. For goodness sake! What? We’re not capable of working it out? Of forming our own opinions?

A friend (still) of decades, Adam Osborne, was the secret-giver to the gate of enlightenment. See, Adam is a doctor and I trained him at the gym under the Old Norco Building in Byron Bay, back when Fairlie was still alive (that story is in my memoir, bitch, when dying and in a coma, spoke through me. Go bite yourselves, those of you who think being psychic is fun!)

adam osborne
(Adam, photo Byron Healing Listings)

Doctors train for approximately 7 years. 40 hours of those 7 years will slick over nutrition. Even then, most are not interested. Adam couldn’t work out why he was weedy and pasty, with all that training. Of course he’s gorgeous now!

Multiply him by EVERY DOCTOR MOST OF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN TO. If you are big, they will suggest you diet. None of them give you a plan. If you re sent to a dietitian… what’s that puppy going to cost you? Weight Watchers makes its money by keeping you buying their products. You are not TAUGHT. You are not loved enough.

So watch it. We decide for ourselves, moronic, biased media!

I don’t think I’d eat bread again even if I was starving.


Oh, and today…? The queen of the current-day England? Rotten with wealth at the expense of the people? Like the catholic church, they are. So today, in Australia, a fucking colony pretending to be a country, a public holiday was declared to help celebrate her birthday. While other people received knighthoods and order of Australia medals (medals! Pfft), yours truly had an outstanding colonic.

Bon apetit,
Ly x



The Smell of Sickness


The human sense of smell is often seen as insignificant, dismissed as a distant also-ran to our keen eyesight or sensitive hearing. But this sense is keener and more influential on our species than many people realize. (“The Hidden Power of Scent” by Josie Glausiusz, in Scientific American Mind, August/September 2008:38)


I decided on a little adventure! I was excited enough to be up at the same time as the ravens, and into a bowl of ground nuts with a handful of walnuts, a dob of raw sheep yogurt and a glass of home-brewed Illy coffee. Then I was away.

Blissfully unaware that I was to have a shocker of a realization before the early part of the afternoon. People! I’m a dog in a human body!

Okay, let me explain. I drove for 2 hours this morning for the Portarlington Celtic Festival. I got myself lost (that happens a LOT) so I didn’t arrive in town until I was ravenous. The air was clean, the sea, oh, the tang of the sea right up from the deep of the ocean. A short boat trip away from Tasmania, New Zealand and, really, the great Antarctic! Me? Straight to a cafe for eggs and coffee. That was fine. So far, I’m excited…

And everything’s fine.

I cross the road to the park. The major gathering of clans performers, market stalls and food vans. Festive. Bagpipes. Kilts!

I wandered, studying the stalls for something magically Celtic to spend my money on, perfectly prepared to go home penniless. There was nothing. Nothing extraordinary. I wandered and I listened to the pipers but could not get a signal on my measly old iPhone 4 so I have nothing to show you of any of it… besides, I’m just starting to get weird.

I’ve been at the gig for almost an hour, passing families and couples, musicians on their way to somewhere and those kitted out in their most exotic faux Celtic wear, their brogues, their tartan socks and yes, there was a sporran or two, when I realize how fucking uncomfortable I am. I’m in the company of another species and they SMELL WRONG.

I’d been excited! I thought:

kilt sean connery

But I got:

kilts fat guys

This is NOT judgmental. The smell wafted stronger and stronger as the crowd swelled. I was a wastrel, an urchin, among the portly. And the obese. Other than several people passing me with instrument cases slung across their backs, 90% of the people were really, really fat. And not in a glorious fat way that some people are. Because some people are really, really big but whatever they eat, it just males them sexy and curvy. No.

This was organ fat and blocked intestines and bowels that had not worked well for decades. It was milk of magnesia and built-up intestinal gas. Parasites and gut microbiome that had devastated entire healthy inner ecosystems. The vans sold Cornish pasties and sugary drinks, and pastry this and bun-that, each slathered in barbecue sauce or tomato sauce. And the lines at each van were monumental. And everyone wandering, or sitting with their legs spread, on caving-in plastic chairs, or smiling, pretending that this was grand, had food in their faces.

bad fats1

Darlings, is this the unexpected price one pays for being amostpaleo? That one’s olfactory senses become sniffer-doggish? Could we work an airport customs baggage line, do you think?

I just had to attend.

Unfortunately, just this once, I had not thought ahead. I had not packed a snack. So I lined up and bought a cardboard container of char-grilled salmon (shut up about its toxicity) with slaw. I paid and was just about to grab my in-case food when the woman serving looked at me as though I was quite mad.
“What?” I asked, smiling.
“You forgot the sauce,” she said, bemused at my stupidity; my obvious senility.
“Oh. Um…”
“Mayonnaise, here…” and she took back my container, squirting copious quantities of home-made mayo over everything. “There!” she said, proudly, moving onto her next victim.

I made it to my car and placed the offending package on the passenger seat. You know. Just in-fucking-case?

And there it sat, burning my nostrils with no name brand, genetically modified sunflower oil all the way home.

All the way back to the city I contemplated. I realized, that like pheromones, our bodies emit entire scent stories. I won’t make that mistake again. But… I was REALLY SAD that almost all those people were sick. If they knew it, they hid it, if they didn’t know… No, they knew. We’re not talking kids here. None of the people I am discussing would have been under 40. Really sad how slowly they are going to die.


Other links here and here

Scrambled Egg Whites

No, not another personally invented recipe. I STOLE this one, but I will plug the cafe.

Kew, Melbourne. My daughter has just moved. It’s morning and it’s manic. Well, it’s LATE morning, so she, her housemate and us happy moving helpers are all starving. We drive to High Street, Kew. To Rox Cafe.

I ordered the Pure Protein Egg Whites (scrambled), with halloumi, wilted spinach and smashed avocado. The menu suggests dark rye but I politely declined when ordering.

It is DELICIOUS! And now I must make it at home. The soft white cloud of scrambled egg sat atop the spinach and avocado so they were both warm.

I cracked pepper onto it and lightly sprinkled a little salt.

I was a blathering mess by the end because it was THAT good. That’s why I’m giving them a plug.

Bon apetit,

Ly x

Fck You Paleo Bread

I mean, really? Why did we start this in the first place? I know it has no grains but question… When is a seed not a grain? Turns out, that when it’s a nut! Nuts are fruit. So, and I’m very interested in your sourced knowledge of this, when is a seed paleo? I sat and thought about this for ages before hitting Google and then Wiki, and we have to be careful. The seeds of pumpkins are pepitas, yes? But the seeds and pips are not the same. You can eat the pips of guavas and passion fruit, but munch on the pip of an apricot and you’re in trouble (despite claims that have no grounding in science).

apricot cyanide

I mention all this because of substitution. The need for bread. We don’t. Just don’t. I mean, do what you want but the more we rely on somebody else cashing in the more rubbish in the landfill and not the compost bucket.

I gave in and bought a Nutribullet, though, and it’s bloody amazing! I chuck in kale, celery, golden beetroot, carrot, stuff still in the garden like beetroot tops, parsley, rocquet, and silver beet. Some macadamias, almonds, some avocado, chuck in tomato and, yes, a radish! And my BCAAs, ginger,  raw turmeric root a dash of cayenne and chili.

Or variations of that theme…

Add water to the limit, and POW! BAM! That’s serious soup.

I pour the goop into jars. Usually it’ll make two. I have all the fats I need with the nuts and avo, all the protein unless I’ve had a mega day at the gym when I’ll need eggs or meat.

It takes me all of 5 minutes to pick what I need, grab the stuff from the bench or the fridge, rough chop it and shove it down.

The paleo bread thing? Well, that’s just bread.


An attitude moment that I don’t have to justify. Seems to me the internet is awash with paleo faux-desert/sweet recipe. Fools gold, lovelies. Berries in season, agreed. But… don’t take it from me, go Google paleo bread and grin.

Keep warm if you’re in Melbourne or the countryside, and keep up the Vitamin D with all this cloud.

Off to down a steak.

Bon apetit,

Ly x