Scrambled Egg Whites

No, not another personally invented recipe. I STOLE this one, but I will plug the cafe.

Kew, Melbourne. My daughter has just moved. It’s morning and it’s manic. Well, it’s LATE morning, so she, her housemate and us happy moving helpers are all starving. We drive to High Street, Kew. To Rox Cafe.

I ordered the Pure Protein Egg Whites (scrambled), with halloumi, wilted spinach and smashed avocado. The menu suggests dark rye but I politely declined when ordering.

It is DELICIOUS! And now I must make it at home. The soft white cloud of scrambled egg sat atop the spinach and avocado so they were both warm.

I cracked pepper onto it and lightly sprinkled a little salt.

I was a blathering mess by the end because it was THAT good. That’s why I’m giving them a plug.

Bon apetit,

Ly x


Fck You Paleo Bread

I mean, really? Why did we start this in the first place? I know it has no grains but question… When is a seed not a grain? Turns out, that when it’s a nut! Nuts are fruit. So, and I’m very interested in your sourced knowledge of this, when is a seed paleo? I sat and thought about this for ages before hitting Google and then Wiki, and we have to be careful. The seeds of pumpkins are pepitas, yes? But the seeds and pips are not the same. You can eat the pips of guavas and passion fruit, but munch on the pip of an apricot and you’re in trouble (despite claims that have no grounding in science).

apricot cyanide

I mention all this because of substitution. The need for bread. We don’t. Just don’t. I mean, do what you want but the more we rely on somebody else cashing in the more rubbish in the landfill and not the compost bucket.

I gave in and bought a Nutribullet, though, and it’s bloody amazing! I chuck in kale, celery, golden beetroot, carrot, stuff still in the garden like beetroot tops, parsley, rocquet, and silver beet. Some macadamias, almonds, some avocado, chuck in tomato and, yes, a radish! And my BCAAs, ginger,  raw turmeric root a dash of cayenne and chili.

Or variations of that theme…

Add water to the limit, and POW! BAM! That’s serious soup.

I pour the goop into jars. Usually it’ll make two. I have all the fats I need with the nuts and avo, all the protein unless I’ve had a mega day at the gym when I’ll need eggs or meat.

It takes me all of 5 minutes to pick what I need, grab the stuff from the bench or the fridge, rough chop it and shove it down.

The paleo bread thing? Well, that’s just bread.


An attitude moment that I don’t have to justify. Seems to me the internet is awash with paleo faux-desert/sweet recipe. Fools gold, lovelies. Berries in season, agreed. But… don’t take it from me, go Google paleo bread and grin.

Keep warm if you’re in Melbourne or the countryside, and keep up the Vitamin D with all this cloud.

Off to down a steak.

Bon apetit,

Ly x


Travel food

Today I’m winging it back to Byron Bay to read Tarot for the people there and thereabouts. It’s 11:30 am. For breakfast this morning I had left-over sweet potato, Warrigal greens, chilli flakes, sage and thyme mixed in with cracked eggs. I don’t need to be at the airport till 2 but I’ll ride the public transport system to the airport so leaving home at 1. I arrive at the Gold Coast after 2 hours in the air. I’m being picked up by my son’s partner and there’s a 30 minute drive to Mullumbimby, the shops, my friends’ house where I’ll stay.

Do the time math!

Being paleo means buying most of my food in consideration.

Being paleo also means planning the fuck out of the trip. Hence this post.

I’ve got time to eat a pulled pork salad before I leave. I’ll drag that out till 12:30.

I’ve just ground the seed and nut mix after removing the dried fruit
anytime - seed n nut mix
ou can add macadamia’s and walnuts to this to round it out.

I’ve sufficient to last me all week but for today I mix about 3 or 4 tablespoons of this with enough raw sheep yoghurt to make a loose paste. That goes in the handbag.

I’ll be hungry between lunch and arrival at the house. Ravenous!

On the plane I’ll have a black tea (don’t EVER drink their coffee) but that’s it.

Fly high and keep well fed,

Ly x


BLAT without bread

It worked! And it filled me! What a thrill. After all, there are just some things one still occasionally regrets.
Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado and mayo.

That’s it really. Forget a recipe. Grill the bacon, wash and stack a pile of mixed lettuce form your garden, add slices of organic tomatoes (cause they’re not in season here in Melbourne yet), slice an avo and add that, a few dollops of organic mayo and top it all with the bacon.

Huzzah! x

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

This is for anytime you want a really delicious snack. Great on the tastebuds, dead easy to prepare.


Chopping block, sharp knife, garlic grater, 2 large pots, soup ladle, blender. This recipe feeds 3 at one sitting or self for three. Oh, is awesome next morning if popped into the skillet and two eggs poached in it, so I’ll add breakfast to the Categories.


Whatever size deep orange organic pumpkin you want, depending on how many you are feeding.
For this recipe I use half a large.
Well chopped sprig of rosemary spears
Small bunch each coriander and parsley, finely chopped
1 clove garlic finely grated
Desert spoon Ras el Hanout
2 dollops favourite yogurt


Skin, core and chop pumpkin
Pop it in a large pot and JUST cover with water, set to boil
Chop the greens
Grate the garlic
Set up the blender, the other pot and the soup scoop in prep
When pumpkin is tender drain half (only half) the water
Pop the greens and garlic into the blender
anytime - ladle
Ladle in a third of the pumpkin and water
Blend till smooth and pour into the spare pot
Put another third pumpkin and water in the blender with the Ras el Hanout, blend and add to that already blended
Add the remainder to the blender and blend till creamy, add to the other.
Anytime - spicy pumpkin soup w Ras el Hanout parsley coriander rosemary
Pop it back on the stove over a VERY low heat for five minutes, until the ingredients have melded.
Serve with lashings of yogurt.

Bon apetit! x

Walnuts, Macas and a Day in the Life…

Okay, so this is not a recipe. It’s information. Because of this eating regime… Did I write about that yet? I didn’t? I did a little. Here’s a typical week when I’m not travelling…. (I’ll get the the walnuts and macas later in this article. You can skip to the end if the interim is annoying).

Mornings I wake usually around 8:30/9. I love my sleep and I love to dream. Those of you up at sparrow’s fart? Onya lovelies but it’s not for me.


I shower and head straight to the kitchen because I’m STARVING.

Into a glass of water I drop a drop of Vitamin D and a teaspoon of C for immune and bone health. I used to also use Vital Greens but, to be honest, with a garden full of organic greens I’m just not spending the dosh at this stage.

I do recommend it, though, if you’ve got anything freaky going on with your body that needs an extra boost. I was prescribed it, plus shots of vitamin B, plus psyllium husk and huge doses of Vitamin C, when I had a crazy bout of mercury poisoning a few years back. Thought I was going nuts. Luckily my doc was savvy that I’m a fitness person so he got my blood tested for any one of a dozen heavy metals that can mimic depression and anxiety. What caused it? The only thing we could ascertain was that I was taking a daily dose of ‘top shelf’ Omega 3s from wild caught fish. Ditched that super quick. The above ingredients leached the toxin out of my system over about 12 weeks.

Please get tested if you think you’re nuts. Most medicos will advise that you have a mental disorder and put you on anti-depressants or something equally as horrid. It could be the above.

So, vitamins out of the way I switch on the kettle and pop a plain black tea bag into a mug in preparation. Then I do whatever egg dish takes my fancy. I pour boiling water into the mug and pop it on the table for later (I drink the black tea afterwards, while reading the news on my phone).

Monday, Wednesday and Friday I then get ready for the gym. Meet whoever hangs out with me on that day (anywhere from just me to four people) and we do coffee together and chat. By then it’s about 10:30/11am and we drive to my gym. I’m a member of Anytime Fitness Coburg. Lovely staff.

We do an enthusiastic warm up and stretch session then pump iron on whatever body part the regime requires.

Ly in piccie
(Me in the background filming Nila’s workout for when she goes home to Cairns. Can you believe my shoes? (And, yes, that’s a flanno around my hips)


We’re back at the house by about 1 (can be later if I don’t have work that afternoon) and I strip off my wraps and wash the perceived ‘other people who touched that fucking dumbbell before me’ OCDness from my hands and go pick salad stuff from the garden.

garden magic 2014 ly
(Yes, I wear a fucking huge hat in the sun. Cost me heaps to get my years of mega-tan skin damage undone.)

We delegate who will chop, pour or mix and other prep, and who will do the dishes later.

We feast on any one of the recipes on this site or variations thereof. Then we have tea and natter.

I tend to work most afternoons, either tarot or writing or editing. One or two days a week I’ll go to Queen Victoria Market, or source any of many whole food outlets, and shop for a few meals. I don’t want to buy in bulk. Not fresh enough. It’s worth discovering how much time has passed between farm and market.

I’ll usually snack on something really small (a bit of left over salad, usually, sometimes a slice of cheese, sometimes I graze through the garden.

Around 6:30 I’ll stop work and make dinner (see recipes).

Just recently I’ve been researching the properties of certain nuts and yesterday I bought activated organic walnuts and organic macadamia nuts, ground them down in the mortar and pestle around 10pm and ate them before bed.

Worth your research. Many other sites also sing the praises of these and many other nuts for balancing your cholesterol. Also as a snack to tide you over.


Life is good x

Smoked Cod w edible weeds, salad and left over tahina

I’ve got before and after shots for this just so you twig.

The edible weeds? I had a wonderful client yesterday and it’s just one of her many talents. The weeds will also feature in the newest category (nothing there yet though) Products and Strange Things. This time it is cowslips. Lemony flavour, growing wild around Melbourne this time of year. Of the primrose family. Check out a local site here but I bet you’ll find them wherever in the world you are. Preferable to go walking with an expert so you don’t accidently eat the wrong thing and become your own compost!

Okay. Here are the ingredients: lunch - smoked cod w salad pumpkin and edible weeds

Kickass sharp knife, favourite plate, chopping board, tongs for serving, skillet

Purified water for simmering the fish in
Smoked cod
Mixed garden greens and other veggie tops like beetroot, maybe slice some celery. Chopped very fine
half an avocado
some chopped cowslip
teaspoon of capers
today I’m using the little ornate lemon from the decorative lemon tree my daughter and her partner gave me for my birthday. It’s finally ripe!
what feels aesthetically appropriate from your deli section: I’ve chosen 1 artichoke heart and a bit of charred capsicum
half a tomato, chopped
a spring onion
radish sprouts
roasted pumpkin
fresh ground black pepper

Put the water in the skillet and set over a low heat, When it starts to simmer add the fish. Should only take 3 or 4 minutes.
Chop everything else and put all together in a bowl.
Drink a glass of water while you wait. Set up your favourite plate, fork and knife.
Lift the fish from the water and break up into the salad mix.
Add the tahina and a good squeze of lemon.
Mix and enjoy. A warm salad.

Bon apetit! x