Travel food

Today I’m winging it back to Byron Bay to read Tarot for the people there and thereabouts. It’s 11:30 am. For breakfast this morning I had left-over sweet potato, Warrigal greens, chilli flakes, sage and thyme mixed in with cracked eggs. I don’t need to be at the airport till 2 but I’ll ride the public transport system to the airport so leaving home at 1. I arrive at the Gold Coast after 2 hours in the air. I’m being picked up by my son’s partner and there’s a 30 minute drive to Mullumbimby, the shops, my friends’ house where I’ll stay.

Do the time math!

Being paleo means buying most of my food in consideration.

Being paleo also means planning the fuck out of the trip. Hence this post.

I’ve got time to eat a pulled pork salad before I leave. I’ll drag that out till 12:30.

I’ve just ground the seed and nut mix after removing the dried fruit
anytime - seed n nut mix
ou can add macadamia’s and walnuts to this to round it out.

I’ve sufficient to last me all week but for today I mix about 3 or 4 tablespoons of this with enough raw sheep yoghurt to make a loose paste. That goes in the handbag.

I’ll be hungry between lunch and arrival at the house. Ravenous!

On the plane I’ll have a black tea (don’t EVER drink their coffee) but that’s it.

Fly high and keep well fed,

Ly x



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