Salmon with nut butter sweet potato n baby carrots

My friend Mieke currently works in Melbourne weekdays , lives in a new apartment in Bondi on weekends. Our conversations are always miles deep, everything from love to NLP to kabbalah. But I feed her first. My only quest, herein, to deliver that which she has never eaten before. Hence this exotic, but simple, thing.

this recipe serves two.


Skillet, pot, sharp knife, chopping block, masher, layabout bowls and spoons.


Two portions of pin-boned salmon (tastier than the tail)
Largish golden sweet potato
Bunch baby carrots, de-topped
2 dobs of butter
Olive oil
Desert spoon of capers
3 spring onions finely chopped
Small handful each fresh coriander and parsley
A handful baby cherry tomatoes
Desert spoon protein nut butter (WARNING: The commercial one shown here has peanuts in it, I’ll come back with a home made version later).
protein nut butter
Teaspoon Egyptian dukkah
Half teaspoon dried chilli
Wedge of lemon
Freshly ground black pepper


Peel the sweet potato, cube and drop into a pot. Cover with cold water and pot lid. Set to boil.
Trim the baby carrots.
Add a dob of butter to the skillet over a low heat. Melt.
Add the chilli flakes and the dukkah. Stir.
Add the bunch of trimmed baby carrots and toss.
Cover with a lid to allow to both steam and saute.

Finely chop the coriander and parsley together.

Pin-bone the salmon.

By now the carrots should be tender. Remove from stove and put aside,in a bowl, for now.
Add a little more oil to the skillet and place the fish, skin side down, over a medium heat.

Test the sweet potato.
When soft, drain and mash.
Add capers, coriander, parsley, nut butter and the other nob of ordinary butter. Mix well. Cover to keep warm.
Check fish, should be just done.
Plate up with a good dollop of sweet potato mix, carrots to that, half handful each of the tiny tomatoes, fish atop the lot.
Squeeze a little lemon over the lot.

Hopefully you’ll have left-over sweet potato to add to brekky tomorrow.

Bon apetit! x


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