Kangaroo Stroganoff with Video

This week the Witches’ Kitchen has had the Amazing Ari nomnomming in harmony to the general theme of almost paleo and he’s flicked off the grains, as well, to get rid of an annoying tummy that’s graced that awesome body for far too long. He’s agreed to film this evening’s kangaroo demo, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

And yes, the meat comes from what was once pounding across the landscape, I will not lie to you!

This feeds 2 people on the night with sufficient left over for breakfast tomorrow.


Part 1

Part 2


Skillet, sharp knife, chopping block, mortar and pestle, assorted bowls to hold stuff.


Kangaroo fillets
2 onions
2 cloves garlic
4 spring onions
Porcine mushrooms
A dozen button mushrooms
Olive oil
1 red capsicum, also a desert spoon char-grilled red capsicum
1 Zucchini
1 can tomatoes
Cup of snap frozen baby peas (or fresh)
half handful each of California walnuts and macadamia nuts
1 teaspoon each of smokey and sweet paprika
A sprig of rosemary
A sprig of parsley
Sour cream
Fresh rocquette to garnish


Grind a small handful each of macadamias and California walnuts in the mortar
Add porcine fungus to warm water, set aside
Rough chop garlic and onions
Olive oil in the pan on medium heat
Add onions and garlic
Chop capsicum and mushrooms, add to pan
Add nuts, stir all about
Chop zucchini and add to the pan
Add the smokey and sweet paprika
Chop rosemary and add
Add the tinned tomatoes, chopped parsley, porcine and half the juice.
Add a cup of snap frozen baby peas.
Stir and cover.
While that’s all simmering slice the kangaroo fillet into wafer-thin slices.
Remove the lid and add the meat to the pot.
Stir for 10 to 20 seconds, until the meat has just lost its redness.
Add the sour cream and mix all together.

Garnish the plates with rocquette, dish over the strog, add freshly ground black pepper and nomnom!

Bon apetit! x


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