Blue grenadier with eggs and kale

This is delicate and moorish. The soft, white flesh of the fish, with lemon and egg as a kind of a dressing, will melt in your mouth.


2 small skillets, egg slice, chopping block, sharp knife.


1 or 2 fillets of fresh blue grenadier (local)
2 eggs
handful each of kale, warrigal greens, some rainbow chard
small bunch parsley
dob of butter
half small lemon
jalapenos to taste
freshly ground black pepper

A third-fill one skillet with filtered water and a quick squeeze of lemon.
Put over the heat and when simmering add the fish.
Into the other skillet toss the dob of butter over low heat.
Chop all the greens together with chillis and add to melted butter.
When the greens soften crack in the eggs.
By the time the eggs are cooked so is the fish.
Plate up, sprinkle with ground pepper and squeeze lemon over everything.

Bon apetit! x


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