Into the Woods…

No, I have not vanished. Many of the recipes have been repeats of late, or just plain variations of a theme. But…

Saturday coming my housemate and I are off on an Edible Weed Walk, identifying what would otherwise be passed over. many so-called weeds are not only edible they are also medicinal. Being in Melbourne means that many of these ‘weeds’ were brought from Europe. Intentionally. Like dock and mallow and dandelion and wormwood (all in our backyard). So many more.

I’ll add them here after the day. How exciting!

At the gym this morning and was given the name of Paul Chek so have a little read. Also Mark Sisson’s blog is worth a read, just remember I’m not endorsing anyone’s product.

And, while all this has thus far been about body empowerment and yummyness, let’s not forget about consciousness. For that, for today, I give you The Drama Triangle and how to eradicate it from drowning any of us up in its Bog of Eternal Stench.

Ly x


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