Equinox Fusion Chicken with Apple and Warrigal Greens

Today, here in Australia, it’s spring equinox (daytime and nighttime are equal) but I chose not to mention that in the title cause so many of you are just heading into twilight days.

This is kind of a complicated dish because I’m using my nose to create it. I have meditated on how to have it be earthy and magical. The fusion is between Europe, the Middle East and Australia. The spices and apples are mixed with chillies, lemon ad cinnamon to almost give it a sweet and sour attitude.

This dish utilises a whole, twice-chicken. It is meant to be shared. Call your wild things in for company.


Roasting tray, le Creuset cassoulet pot, skewer, sharp knife, string, large pot (for parsnips), chopping block, kitchen paper, stick mixer.


Milawa organic free range pasture fed chicken
1 fresh organic apple
warrigal greens (or English spinach if not in Oz)
peas (amount depends on number of people)
half head cauliflower
10 parsnips
10 small brown onions
1 whole head garlic
half a cup of dry white wine
a cup of chicken stock
organic full cream milk
Raj el hanout
dried chilli flakes

miniature lemon cut in half
small bunch of both sage and thyme


1: preheat the oven to 180 degrees
Part-skin the onions and put into the roasting tray with a splash of olive oil, put aside
Wash and pat dry chicken, stuff with sage, thyme, lemon halves, lift the skin above each breast and insert a pat of butter into each cavity, close the opening with the  skewer
Blend a small amount each of chilli, nutmeg, cinnamon, raj el hanout. Massage the chicken with olive oil, sprinkle with the spices and rub in well
Place tray of onions on lower shelf of oven and the chicken on the rack above it so that the juices land in the onion tray.
Cook for three quarters of an hour. Leave to relax a little.

2: place the onions in the cassoulet pot.
Break the chicken into portions and add.
Cut the apple into chunks and add.
Add the florettes of cauliflower and all the garlic (don’t bother peeling).
Add the wine and chicken stock.
Add a little more spice for pleasure.
Put into oven at 180 degrees. Turn down to 100 degrees after 10 minutes. All up cook another 30 minutes.

Chop parsnip into small cubes (you can remove the woody centres, I’m not), place into a pot and just cover with water. Boil until soft, drain, return to the pot and just cover with milk. Add a dob of butter. Return to the stove and simmer until the liquid is reduced by half.

While doing this put the warrigal greens and peas in steamer and onto a high heat.  Steam until just soft.
Turn off the oven and place the cassoulet  on a heat-proof surface on your table (you’re almost ready to plate)

Back to the parsnip. Use the stick blender to mash it all up. Add a goodly dollop of cream. Stir.

Smear a good pile of parsnip mash onto each plate.
A goodly scoop of chicken and veg from cassoulet plus that delicious juice.
Greens to the side.

Bon apetit and equinox blessings! x



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