Eggs, Mushrooms and Moroccan Olive paste

I did, didn’t I? Blast you with food recipes. So you don’t hate me and leave I’m slowing down and will only post a couple a week. Also because I tend to repeat many of the meals here.

Be aware that if you’re trying to shed a few layers of body fat you can always back off on the yolks of eggs and just use the whites. Not as tasty but 100% protein and only trace elements of fat.


Skillet, egg slice, small pot, smiles.


dob of butter
olive oil
3 eggs but only 2 yolks
handful of baby spinach
6 sage leaves
1 large flat mushroom chopped rustically
1 clove garlic, grated
half a medium red chilli finely chopped
fresh ground black pepper
equivalent to Wymah organic olive paste, Moroccan style because it contains no nasties

wyman organic olive paste moroccan style


Pop the butter in the pot over a low heat
When just melted add mushies, chilli, sage leaves and garlic. Put the lid on.
Slurp of olive oil into the skillet over a low heat, throw in the spinach to soften.
Crack eggs into the bowl and whip a little with a fork, add to spinach.
Check on the mushies. Probably soft enough now to turn off the heat.
When the eggs are juuuuuust cooked turn off the heat and plate it all up.
Add a goodly teaspoon of olive paste to the side.

Bon apetit! x


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