Turkish Lamb with Ras el Hanout, figs, Yogurt and Steamed Greens

Middle eastern flavours are all about the spices. And I’m a minimalist so you can be even more exotic if you also have the cupboard full of deliciousness. Even though this seems. . . seems to have heaps of ingredients. . . it, again, is super quick to prepare and cook.


This time I use my old cast iron camp griddle that I bought years ago from the disposal shop in Byron Bay along with the cast iron camp oven that you bury in coals for slow cooking under the stars. If it’s new you have to oil it and put it on a fire outside. You burn off the oil and that seals it so it won’t rust. Always dry it immediately after washing from that day on. It’s like an inside barbecue (but I’ll get to bbq and smoking as we proceed). Also, sharp knife, bowl for marinating lamb, another bowl for the yogurt dressing, chopping block. Kitchen paper to drain lamb.


I’ll do the three things separately. . .

Lamb marinade –

1 teaspoon Raj el hanout
sprinkle dry red chilli
half teaspoon ground cumin
half teaspoon sumac
sprinkle of ground pistachios and sesame seeds (together)
olive oil


a cup of your finest yogurt (I prefer sheep’s milk)
half handful finely chopped mint
1 slice deli char-grilled eggplant
few sprigs parsley
half a fresh red chilli finely chopped
1 clove garlic, grated
olive oil

Veggies for steaming

half cup of baby peas
handful of baby spinach
rustic chopped zucchini (however much you fancy)
a few florets of broccoli
wedge of lemon

For the griddle

marinated lamb
2 fresh figs
2 spears of spring onion

freshly ground black pepper
freshly ground coriander seeds

I hardly need to tell you now, do I?
Slice 200 grams of best lamb (I’m using butterfly), relatively thin but it cooks super fast so take that into consideration and mix it, in one of the bowls, with the marinade, put aside.

Prepare the yogurt dressing by mixing all those ingredients finishing with a drizzle of olive oil. Put aside.

Prepare the green veggies and pop into the steamer. Have a drink of water.

Light the gas under both the steamer and the griddle.

Lightly oil the griddle and, when hot, place the spring onion and both figs on the heat.

As soon as the steamer steams lay the lamb on the griddle.

Everything is only going to take 30 seconds to a minute so be on it. That lamb must be medium rare so after 10/20 seconds turn it, then same once again, then turn out onto the kitchen paper.

Drain the greens and get them on the plate, then the lamb, then the figs and spring onions which should both be nice and jammy. Finish with the dressing, a sprinkle of pepper and coriander seeds, and a squeeze of lemon on the greens.

Bon apetit! x


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