Sauteed Salmon w Basil n Tomato Salsa

This was last night’s dinner. I wasn’t going to post this as it is similar to others but… I have yet to give this salsa, and I was halfway through eating it when I thought, fuck it, give it to them. Variety is variety, yes? And so easy. All up it’ll take at most 5 minutes from go to the plate. Chicken thigh would go well with this, as would any white fish like snapper.


skillet, sharp knife, chopping block, bowl for salsa


fresh local salmon
a very ripe tomato
spring onion
fresh green chilli
handful of basil leaves
6 kalamata olives diced
ground clove of garlic
small chunk of sweet potato cubed
extra virgin organic cold pressed olive oil
quarter of a lemon
freshly ground black pepper


Pop the sweet potato in a small pot and just cover with water. Lid on and set to boil.
A small amount of oil in the skillet and heat to very hot, put in salmon skin side down (for crispy skin), turn the heat right down.

While they are doing their thing, dice the tomato, finely cut the chilli, spring onion and olives, grate the garlic and roughly tear the handful of basil leaves.

Turn the salmon.
Test that the sweet potato is soft, drain and cover with the saucepan lid. Put aside.

Put all the salsa ingredients into the bowl and moosh it all together with your hands. Add a splash of olive oil.

Turn the sweet potato out onto the plate, cover with the salsa, cover that with the fish.
Sprinkle with pepper and add a squeeze of lemon.

Bon apetit! x


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