A Witch’s Guide to the Art of Aging Disgracefully – Healing Through Bodybuilding and Nutrition

(Full book available 1st September 2018)


As a young witch de Angeles learned of the body/mind/ spirit connection. Of living true to oneself and earth. A feisty, fearless and formidable wild creature at forty, and for many years after, all that knowledge seemed to unravel and desert her in her fifties. Because of menopause. Because of betrayal and the social bigotry of gender/age shaming. Warrior-trained, she summoned her inner Claymore, climbed the abyss of commonly accepted profiling and discovered the art of ignoring it. Elder, witch and healer, she writes the revised and expanded edition of the out of print BODY LANGUAGE, Aligning Mind and Body Through Nutrition, Resistance Training and a Touch of Magic to assure all women (and the occasional bloke) to not despair. Take up the cause of self-determination. Be strong, and proud of how you live and who you are. Be that hoodoo hussy your ex intended as an insult. At competition-level bodybuilding aged sixty-six, de Angeles teaches the weaving, howling, disgraceful and unconditional journey of limitless individuality.


Ly by Anthony 2018 small

Photography Anthony Rodriguez, Melbourne 2018

HEY LOKI. MR TRICKSTER, please explain…


AS A HEALER I communicate with bodies, human and otherkin. To do this I first explore what works and what does not. Magic is, after all, both an art and a science. While others write your name on a candle and burn it, place the vellum with your enemy inscribed thereon and shove it to the back of the freezer, some will dose you with herbal tinctures or conjure you a talisman from the bones of long-dead tiny birds. And yes, I do all that, except the freezer trick. They are all deep and ancient techniques. We also sometimes do other things not meant for this book but that’s neither here nor there. This form of healing is that of food and physical training. They also work. And while these arts are usually a matter of knowledge and body-to-body conversation, you have this grimoire. It is based solely and only on personal experience, so I promise there will be no parlor tricks, table-rapping or snake-oil. I also have no academically-acceptable accreditation so take this as a diary and use it by comparison, if you like

This is your new health story but I’m beginning with the dark arts of how to banish a sleazebag because the latter exists. They are the tricksters in myth and indigenous lore. Loki in a mortal man’s body. If you encounter one of these do not feed it. Do not stroke it, or its ego. Stare the beastie in the face, but carefully. You never know whether they will turn on you and hurt you. Even kill you. Because as we all know, witch or not, we are murdered all the time. Or betrayed. Or whatever abuse you hide away, because of shame or impotence. Because of that time you wept when you were raped, verbally physically or psychically abused, were smirked at or treated like an object. In a courtroom where some other sleazebag worked very hard to make you out to be a liar. We are mainly hurt because we are women. What is that? There is, after all, never another reason. To you nice blokes? Excellent. I have met one or two of you, through a martial art, our poetry, in fitness and healing, in my covens, across from me at my tarot table, in a show, for a secret conversation.

Healer –

As a small, lean, cis woman I am a bodybuilder and a warrior, and therefore I am strong.. If you choose to put the techniques from this manual—grimoire—into practice, the healing could also work for you. You will also become strong Does that mean you will never encounter Loki? Don’t be fooled, for even a minute, that you won’t.


Available on Amazon if you want a hard copy.
Only available in Australasia through me directly www.lydeangeles.com
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Live it all so very well! x


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