Smoked Cod w Greens n Cheddar

Last bit of left-over smoked cod, people!

Tonight I walked down the road to get a slice of salmon or trout but the shop was shut. Coward, that I am, I could not stand the idea of another meat dish so was just going to have a plate of veggies. Lo, within the fridge was the last bit of smoked cod from several days ago…

dinner - smoked cod n greens w cheddar 1

So I just took it along for the ride and popped it in the pan while the greens steamed. Above is part 1. Steamed cod w a squeeze of lemon and one poor little weed.


Skillet, steamer, that very sharp knife of yours, egg slice.


Smoked cod, of course


Half a dozen leaves of warrigal greens
Same of silver beet (medium sized leaves)
3 stalks asparagus
1 small zucchini chopped
6 small florettes broccoli
a pat of butter
small handful of grated cheddar
squeeze of lemon and that weed


All the veggies go into he steamer and cook until just off hard
The cod you simmer in water for the same amount of time.

Should all be ready in 10 minutes.
Place the cod on the plate as above and squeeze on the lemon
Pile the greens onto that and scatter the butter in tiny bits
Top with the grated cheese.


Bon apetit! x


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