Kangaroo stroganoff

This is one of my all-time favourites. I used to serve it on rice but now, no. No need.
The thing to know about kangaroo is that it must be very rare. The first time I ever had it was a delight. All I did was slice it wafer thin, drop it in the pan for literally 10 seconds and serve alone with salt and pepper. If you live in the northern hemisphere you might not be able to get it but the closest meat to this is venison. So go shoot a deer but you better be a good shot. The last thing you want to be is like that American dentist who maimed Cecil with his fucking bow and arrow and then tracked the poor wee pussy for a VERY LONG TIME before lionmanely putting him out of his trauma with a gunshot.

Deep pan, sharp knife, chopping block, egg slice, spoon for sour cream dolloping.

200 grams of kangaroo
a garlic clove, finely chopped
1 onion chopped
rosemary, thyme, parsley all finely chopped
smoked paprika
half a large zucchini, cut into rustic chunks
red capsicum, sliced
lot of mushrooms, cut into rustic chunks
half a cup of frozen baby peas
handful of pine nuts
lemon wedge
left over sweet potato mash (not a lot)
half teaspoon of tomato paste
half a tomato, chopped
olive oil
freshly ground black pepper
2 dollops of sour cream

dinner - kangaroo strog ingredients

First, scatter the pine nuts in a dry pan and toast them. When they are golden pop onto a saucer for later (texture)
Then pour a light glug of oil into the pan, warm, add garlic and onion and saute.
While that’s happening finely chop your herbs, chop the zucchini, capsicum, tomato and mushrooms.
Toss the entire thing into the pan together.
Add a flat desert spoon of smokey paprika, the pine nuts and the small amount of tomato paste.
All ow that to reduce down, stirring occasionally, till it gets all jammy and goopy.
Slice the roo into VERY THIN SLICES and toss into the mix. Stir it about.
Within 10 to 20 seconds that kangaroo is cooked.
Turn the gas down as low as you can and add a good desert spoon and a half of sour cream. Mix well.

Scoop three quarters of the contents of the pan onto the plate and add a teaspoon of sour cream to top it off.
Sprinkle with pepper.

What’s left in the pan goes into a bowl for tomorrow morning.

It might not look like the bee’s knees but it is!

dinner - kangaroo strog left over for breakfast

Bon apetit! x


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