Smoked Cod w organic button mushrooms n spinach n lemon

Had your big drink of water? Done your Vitamin C and Vital Greens regime?
water trough

Go put the kettle on for your tea. But fill it almost full (to wilt the spinach)

So. Here’s a mouthful. I didn’t expect this brekky to hit me like an orgasm but there ya go. It did. It was because everything in this recipe except the fish is organic. I confess… I haven’t used organic mushrooms till today. The difference is ridiculous! And smoked cod is like the cheap crap fish one wouldn’t ordinarily buy. I have a soft spot for it, though. My mother used to serve it with mash and white parsley sauce. And no, you can’t have that!

This morning is mint tea.

Warning, sometimes the cod can have a couple of small bones up the thick end. Have a feel around in prep x


Trusty big sharp knife, skillet, chopping block, kettle, big bowl for spinach, strainer


Smoked cod (small portion, no bigger than the palm of your hand). Usually sells prepackaged with lots more so I’ll have it for lunch as well today.
Organic button mushrooms, quartered
Pat of organic butter
Handful of parsley from the garden
Organic baby spinach
wedge of lemon (and the lemon’s the secret hit)
2 eggs
Cracked black pepper to taste


Get the butter in the skillet over a low heat.
Finely chop the parsley (put half aside) and quarter the mushrooms, toss them and half the parsley into the butter.
When the mushies start to brown add the fish, skin side down, cook for about 3 minutes, flip.
Add a touch more butter for the eggs and crack them both into the bit of space at the front of the skillet.
Hopefully the kettle has boiled. Pour water over the mint for your tea and the rest over the spinach in the bowl. Give that a stir to ascertain the vegetable is drowned.

Ready? Just before the albumin turns from translucent to white strain, press, strain, press the spinach till you’ve got as much moisture out as you can and put on the side of the plate with the wedge of lemon.

Phew. Made it. Time to plate up the cooking.
Turn the mushies and fish onto the plate then, hopefully without breaking the yolks (like I did with one, pfft), the eggs.

Sprinkle withe the remainder of the parsley and squeeze the lemon over everything except the eggs.

Sprinkle cracked pepper.

Bon apetit! x


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