Smoked Cod w edible weeds, salad and left over tahina

I’ve got before and after shots for this just so you twig.

The edible weeds? I had a wonderful client yesterday and it’s just one of her many talents. The weeds will also feature in the newest category (nothing there yet though) Products and Strange Things. This time it is cowslips. Lemony flavour, growing wild around Melbourne this time of year. Of the primrose family. Check out a local site here but I bet you’ll find them wherever in the world you are. Preferable to go walking with an expert so you don’t accidently eat the wrong thing and become your own compost!

Okay. Here are the ingredients: lunch - smoked cod w salad pumpkin and edible weeds

Kickass sharp knife, favourite plate, chopping board, tongs for serving, skillet

Purified water for simmering the fish in
Smoked cod
Mixed garden greens and other veggie tops like beetroot, maybe slice some celery. Chopped very fine
half an avocado
some chopped cowslip
teaspoon of capers
today I’m using the little ornate lemon from the decorative lemon tree my daughter and her partner gave me for my birthday. It’s finally ripe!
what feels aesthetically appropriate from your deli section: I’ve chosen 1 artichoke heart and a bit of charred capsicum
half a tomato, chopped
a spring onion
radish sprouts
roasted pumpkin
fresh ground black pepper

Put the water in the skillet and set over a low heat, When it starts to simmer add the fish. Should only take 3 or 4 minutes.
Chop everything else and put all together in a bowl.
Drink a glass of water while you wait. Set up your favourite plate, fork and knife.
Lift the fish from the water and break up into the salad mix.
Add the tahina and a good squeze of lemon.
Mix and enjoy. A warm salad.

Bon apetit! x


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