Non toxic snail and slug deterrent

It’s a bit cruel, I think, so if you don’t like this one do the beer thing (I’ll mention that further down).

Keep you eggshells, wash them, dry them, grind them almost to a powder and spread around vulnerable young seedlings.

The sliders don’t like it. It hurts their underbelly… SAY IT, LY… it cuts them up. Just a little bit. Then they get it and go home to all the other snails and slugs and say “Don’t go to that person’s house, she’s the bitch who figured out the eggshell thing!”

The beer thing is more expensive. Several large plastic bottles with the lids on tight. Cut the base off. Bury them in strategic positions throughout your veggie garden. Buy beer. Add a little to each upturned bottle. Way to drown, slimers!

The other thing I do is go out at night with a disposable empty deli container and a torch. I’m like Indiana Jones when I do this. I pick one off the plant and put it immediately in the container. Then close the lid quickly. I do this till I get them all. Then I freeze them. They go gently to sleep. It’s by far the most snailmane thing to do. Not like what I used to get up to, which was pick them off the baby broccoli and fling them over the fence onto the street to take their chances.

Does anyone know if ordinary garden snails are edible? Am I game to try? They’re so kiddy cute though, aren’t they? With their little eyes on stilts? If I continue down this track I will hate myself so no…


Oh dear…

Bon apetit! x


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