Fresh ocean trout with steamed vegetables

This seems really simple AND IT IS! The savagely wonderful thing about it is the freshness.
The greens are organic but it is not yet the season to be growing these things in our garden yet. Instead I popped into Wild Thing on Brunswick Rd in Fitzroy Nth, Melbourne.

The fish is from Canal on Nicholson Street. I mention this because sourcing your food is so important to your health. There was a Mathew Evans doco a while back on SBS called What’s the Catch? It started me challenging where our seafood is sourced and the ethical practices associated. Within a month I was, expediently, in Coles. At the seafood counter… No information about the source. I asked the person serving me. No idea. It could have come from anywhere and many places are shitty!

If you can, my darlings, shop local and from local growers, butchers, farmers and fishermen. We love them and we don’t want to pay the big corporations that rip them off.

Oh, I haven’t reminded you for a while, but don’t forget that glass of water with each meal (before you eat).

Your trusty skillet, colander for steaming, big pot, stainless steel spatula (egg slice here in Oz).

Fresh ocean trout tail
radish sprouts
grass-fed butter
olive oil

Slice the broccoli into rustic chunks, same with zucchini
Heat a glop of olive oil in the pan and three fingers high of water in the pot
Wait till the oil is REALLY hot before putting in the fish, skin side down, turn heat very low
Set the heat high under the pot till boiling then turn down
Keep an eye on that fish. It’ll only take about 2 minutes before you turn it.
Here’s the trick… flipping it without breaking the skin. It’s half/half for me so don’t be hard on yourself.
You don’t want those veggies soft. The fork should only JUST pierce the stem easily so watch out.
Turn both out onto the plate (scraping the skin if you wrecked it, cause you want that)
Sprinkle half a dozen capers onto the fish, a little butter on the greens and sprouts over the top.

None of need fancy all the time.
Bon apetit! x


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