Tuna Salad with Sage Leaves and Broccolli

This was today.

Wake up, shower, moisturise and get warm (still chilly here in Melbourne when I write this). Take the Vitamin C and Vitamin D mix. Brekky is free range bacon and poached eggs (the eggs poached in purified water and apple cider vinegar, I’ll post it soon) and a cup of black tea. Read The Age while I sip. Wash up. Get dressed in gym gear. Check Daughter is on the tram and ascertain ETA. Her name’s Serenity, and she just had her 32nd birthday. We work out together twice a week. Anytime Fitness. I bought her a pair of Punish wraps and a punching bag for her birthday. She’s two stops away so I walk to the corner and buy us both a take away coffee. We walk to my house together and chat over the cuppa. She gets into her gym gear and I wrap my hands with my own Punish wraps (there’s a long, long story about them. Anyone wants to hear the legend of Isaac Tisdale – award-winning Cage Fighter and Ly de Angeles, gifted his old wraps, I’ll write it. It’s crazy). So I wear them to protect my skinny little wrists and also a reminder of decades gone by.

Drive to the gym, swearing and laughing at all the dumb fucked-up Melbourne drivers, train for an hour with free-weights.

So after a good workout it’s time for a really healthy lunch, yes?

Not much. A big enough salad bowl for two or three people. Tongs. Plates, knives and forks.

Now this is where it could get complicated just for a moment because I have a VERY WELL STOCKED back garden. If you don’t then the first thing you’ll need to do is get with the salad regime.
mesclun mix is a whole lot of young salad greens etc all in together. You’ll need this but…
You can’t just wash it, spin it and put it in a bowl. No you have to do the first, then FINELY CHOP the mix. I don’t know what it does, maybe allow easy pre–digestion, but everyone I feed goes “Oh!”

lettuce pre chopped
lettuce post chop
(Forgive the tad blurry shot, damp hands)

1 spring onion finely chopped,
2 small tomatoes finely chopped
half an avocado cubed
finely chopped broccoli
small bunch of fresh sage leaves
Deli products:
char-grilled red capsicum chopped
char-grilled eggplant chopped
char-grilled artichokes chopped
teaspoon of capers,
some chopped jalapeno chillis (on the side, Serenity does not like them)
medium can of pole and line caught tune in brine (drained)
large dollop organic mayonnaise
a sprinkle of radish sprouts
fresh cracked black pepper

Put everything in the bowl
Mix well
Tong onto plates
sprinkle with pepper
(salt if you get the good stuff and can’t resist)

Bon apetit x


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