Seafood Bubble n Squeak

Tonight. Wow. After my clients of the day I got stuck into doing this again as I’m losing track of what photos go with what meal that I had to stop when at the point of starvation! Anyone who knows me well knows that happens within no time and I get snarky. So… leftovers! From last nights monkfish with a twist.


Chopping block, your good heavy skillet, egg slice.


The bowl of left-overs from last night’s monkfish
Left-over tuna from lunchtime (tuna salad)
Left-over smoked trout from when? Yesterday? Yes. I did not do an entry on that because I made the smoked trout salad up in the lunch break. I have ten students in my parlour every Saturday afternoon for ten weeks. They are doing natural magic and tarot master classes with me. I love em all!
Nob of butter
Jalapenos rough-chopped
Extra parsley finely chopped
3 large, crispy lettuce leaves
Wedge of lemon


Mix all together and slap it into the pan.
Flatten it out for an even crust of golden brown from the butter.
Cover with a pot lid for 2 minutes.
Lift the lid and, with the egg slice, flip it.
Cover again till you can smell it’s ready.
Place lettuce leaves on the plate and the bubble n squeak over them and a squeeze of lemon over that.

Bon apetit! x


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