Monkfish in Sage Butter

This is quite a delicate dish despite the sweet potato. Uplifting. It is worth your while to do a double portion because tomorrow morning you can mash the veggies together and do a Bubble and Squeak (I’ll write that one up later). I had this tonight for the first time.

For this recipe I’m okay to admit that the spinach came from Daniela Lucchetti garden, not mine.

Hopefully, soon, you’ll have all the vegetable ingredients in your own garden. I’ll write separately about backyard small-space co-operation.


heavy frypan (recommend Chasseur Escoffier as it can also go into a hot oven), large stainless steel pot with lid, stainless steel colander.


2 Monkfish fillets, de-boned
good nob of butter
a dozen sage leaves
teaspoon capers
handful of English spinach
a cup of frozen baby peas
1 zucchini
Finely diced golden sweet potato
fresh, finely chopped, jalapeno chilli
radish sprouts
2 lemon wedges
freshly-ground black pepper

Note, portion sizes vary. I leave that up to you. Sufficient to fill ya up. Sufficient for left-overs.


Finely dice the sweet potato and just cover it with water. Cover and light the gas under it.
Rustically chop the zucchinis and spinach and add to the colander, then the peas and diced chilli. Leave them for now.

Into the heavy pan melt the butter slowly (low heat, you don’t want to be frying this).
When the pan’s warm and the butter melted drop in 8 of the sage leaves and add the fish. Squeeze the juice of one lemon wedge onto the fish and sprinkle with the pepper.

By now the golden sweet potato is boiling so take off the lid, place the colander over the steam and cover the colander with the lid.

Everything should be sweet to go within say, 8 to 10 minutes.
By the time the fish is delicate lift the covered colander off the sweet potato and drain the latter. Add all the capers and mash till creamy.

Plate half the sweet potato, layer the greens and chilli on top, the monkfish on top of that, including the butter juices and wilted sage.
Top with the remainder of fresh sage leaves and a sprinkle of the radish sprouts.

Get a selfie of yourself munching on that little wonder.


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