Chorizo n Eggs

Chorizo n eggs

First of all please excuse the slight blur on the photograph. I was very hungry and excited
• Quarter chorizo, skinned and sliced
• Half a can organic tomatoes
• 2 medium sized button mushrooms
• 1 or 2 spring onions, peeled and diced
• Teaspoon capers
• Jalapeño chilies as desired
• Parsley from the garden. Roquet, washed and dried, ditto.
• 2 Milawa eggs
• Olive oil (first press, organic, Australian)

Olive oil into the pan over a low heat.
Peel and slice the chorizo and put in pan to render off the fat (you can dab it off a little with paper towels).
Add everything else and let it simmer and reduce.
When the mushrooms are softening crack the eggs into the mix and wait.
Milawa eggs
When the eggs are cooked eat.

breakfast - chorizo n eggs on the plate
Drink tea after, while reading a good book at the table.


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