Hi and welcome. I’m Ly de Angeles and this is all about what tastes good without any grains and no sugar. Grains are a major factor in inflammatory conditions and many digestive problems. Can be linked to diabetes and obesity, might even wreck your brain, at some stage of your life will probably (not always) cause you grief. Getting rid of it is easy. You just have to know how.

Admission 1 – I am a foodie.

Admission 2 – Even though everything I ate up until a year ago was awesome, and I thought it healthy, I was wrong.

This blog includes my recipes, links to cool related information and groups, like Melbourne Paleo, with whom you can hook up. In the top navigation menu are all my Posts listed in categories or explore a chronological list of all my Posts.

Going grain and sugar free

April 2014 I stopped absolutely all grains and sugar. To discover why I felt bloated all the time, listless, no energy, big belly but slender arms and legs took quite a lot of research. I know others have been down this road before me but on this I was slow. I also pretended there wasn’t a problem. I abhorred the way I felt, you see. I’d moved to Melbourne, began a new life at 60. Was this the slippery downhill slope to old age? Hadn’t I promised myself I would never become one of those docile, thick old women? How had I betrayed myself?

Turns out I hadn’t. It’s called a lack of insight. I was too busy to devote myself fully to the research until I was diagnosed with high blood pressure (probably had it for years, who knows). Then I hunted in earnest. The first book I read was Wheat Belly, then Grain Brain. From there I learned about Paleo and The Atkins Diet and then worked out what worked for me.

Oh, by the way? I asked my doctor what was causing my problems. He unfortunately thought it was what happened as one ages. Yes, a fuckwit. I found out that ordinary medical practitioners only do about 40 hours on nutrition their entire learning.

In twelve weeks, with more nourishment than ever in my life, I dropped 17 kilos. So, the sure thing, when you ditch the carbs (including white potatoes) your natural weight will metabolise. Even the loose skin (almost) all bounced back. There’s still a bit but that’s lack of collagen and wrinkles are a sign I’ve lived this long despite…

I now weigh in at 55 kilos, I’m working out at the gym 3 days a week so have lean muscle, the belly is flat, the bloats gone and the brain fog (for a Sagittarius with a sense of humour, a devastation) vanished.

This blog is mainly recipes but I’m also going to promote certain products along with that, like this here. Take it or leave it. They don’t pay me to do so. These products, however, are about the best one can get here in Victoria. You’ll source your own elsewhere.

Lastly: organic, organic, organic. Grow it yourself. Kill it yourself if you can, or else know how it lived. If in a state of cruelty blackban the brand and write a letter to the arseholes who think they have a right to harm others.

Come and dine at this witch’s kitchen,
Bon apetit!
Ly x


13 thoughts on “Home

    1. Maria! Yes, please do. All of the above. Trust a sister. It’s all so trial-and-error delicious. When I have suffient meals up to keep you satisfied I’ll get onto links. Most of these meals are uber easy. Big hugs and banish the bloat! x


  1. Hi Ly !!!
    I’ve written to you a long time ago and you graciously allowed me to put some of your writing on my groups. You are without doubt one of my favorite authors, and I’m looking forward to more of your blog. It looks delicious !


    1. You beautiful woman you. Yes, magic on a plate. How can healthy and decadent exist within the same sentence. And I can keep them coming cause this morning was… Well, you’ll know when you cook it. It’s the smoked cod. I’m just about to write it up now xx


      1. Omg, YOU are the beautiful woman !
        You embody magic, and now you’ll teach us how to do the same : )
        Looking forward to it.


      2. lol…I’m so glad you’re not a vegetarian. I love these recipes !!
        and about the snails:
        i have plenty of egg shells 😀
        i refuse to give beer to the snails, my menfolk don’t get it often.. but when they do it’s theirs, dammit, lol !
        so…this will work for me ( in addition to my usual picking them up and tossing them over the hedge to the neighbor who has no veggies!)
        love, Renee


  2. Hi there Ly! I have been a junk food addict pretty much all my 42 years 😦 I have been overweight/obese since puberty (I am a woman). Tried to be vegetarian and vegan – and have joined Weight Watchers a dozen times!!! Found out 6 months ago that I was gluten intolerent – it has changed my life! Problem is all of the gluten free products are full of sugar/heavily processed/taste disgusting!!! So I have been thinking about cutting out all grains and sugar from my diet altogether. Have some Paleo cookbooks to get into – I know this way of eating will make me feel increadible – the next step after eliminating gluten. Thanks for inspiring to get me started – just as you did in your books to get me into Qabalah etc lol!!! Have an amazing weekend x


    1. Thanks darling. It’s my new magic. Gift of easy succulence and oral orgasm. Yes, the difference it makes when we pay attention to loving ourselves. We love ourselves we have plenty left over for others. You are earth x


      1. Making it my new magic too – lol! Hungry for transformation!!! A wonderful change that I didn’t anticipate is how grounded this delicious food makes me feel! I have a looooong way to go – but that is actually very exciting! I love working on myself and nourishing my body. Thanks again for the inspiration Ly xx

        Liked by 1 person

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